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Documents and Templates for LDS Leaders
While serving in different positions in the Church, such as Ward Clerk and Executive Secretary, I created a few documents and templates. I remember searching the net for resources like these but didn't find any. So I thought I would share my creations with anyone who might be looking for the same things.
Title Description
MS Word Sacrament Meeting Bulletin Template for a Sacrament Meeting bulletin. Print on two sides and fold in the middle.
MS Word Sacrament Meeting Agenda A form for the conducting bishopric member to use in Sacrament meeting and Priesthood opening exercises. Read printed phrases to help take some of the fear out of conducting meetings.
MS Word Bishopric Meeting Agenda Agenda for Bishopric Meetings. Rotate assignments each week in the header.
MS Word PEC Meeting Agenda Similar to the Bishopric meeting agenda. Make different versions of these agendas for other meeting such as Ward Council, Welfare Committee, Auxiliary Presidency Meetings, etc
MS Excel Tithing Settlement Signup Sheets Sign up sheet for tithing settlement. Edit the date in the upper left cell. Edit/Add times in each row using Excel's auto fill feature. Cut between reminder tabs so members can tare off the tab.'
MS Word Reimbursement Request Form A Ward Clerk tool to track reimbursement requests and advance payments. Tracks receipts, how checks are issued, authorizations, etc.
MS Word Ward Newsletter Template A simple template for a basic two-column newsletter. Open in MS Word as a template and save versions as documents.
MS Word Bishop's Schedule Template A template to keep track of appointments for the Bishop or other ward/stake leader. LDS Search